Woodchip and cement panel (SCP)

What is SCP?

SCP (woodchip and cement panel) is a compressed panel consisting of pine woodchips by 90% and 10% of high-grade cement with addition of liquid glass. Chemical components detrimental to health are completely excluded from the panel composition. This is the ecologically pure production practically equivalent to wood regarding its composition and properties.

The SCP panel can be cut, milled, drilled and joined, using nails and wood screws. The surface structure ensures good binding with plaster and concrete, perfect acoustic insulation.

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Characteristics of SCP

SCP composite structure makes it possible to preserve the assets of the wood and at the same time it provides it with new properties: Fire resistance ( according to Fire Safety Certificates); Resistance to biological effects (wood rotting, fungi, rodents, ants etc.); Strength remains within standard values for many years of operational practices (more than 50 years) in the building structure.

Fire safety

Protection against rodents



Thermal insulation

Sound insulation

Parameters of SCP panel physical-mechanical properties

Parameters Standards
Density, no more than 800 kg/m3
Humidity 14-30%
Thickness swelling for 24 hours, no more 3,5%
Compression strength grade B 3.5
Ultimate bending strength, no less than 1.1 MPa
Biostability class biostable
Heat conduction 0.095-0.12W/(m-°C)
Freeze resistance grade, no less than 35 cycles
Fire safety indicators B s2 d0

SCP Size

Dimensions in mm Length x Width x Thickness Weight 1 panel kg
2000 х 1200 х 25 45,6
2000 х 600 х 35 25,5

Panels are packed in bundles

2000 x 1200 x 805
thickness 35 mm.
(46 panels)

2000 x 1200 x 750
thickness 25 mm.
(30 panels)

The van (13m. 19,5 t.) can accommodate

772,8 m2 (14 packages, 664 panels)
35 mm. thick

1008 m2 (14 packages, 420 panels)
25 mm. thick

SCP Application

SCP panel is used in frame and monolithic construction as a retained formwork for erecting the framework and walls of COTTAGES and MULTLISTOREY BUILDINGS (without limitation of the number of storeys, applying heavy-weight and light-weight concrete. Depending on the number of storeys various construction methods are used (without application of the framework, panel-and-framek, using the framework in the form of a light-weight metal shape, wood structure etc.)

The construction technology with the application of SCP panel has joined the classical methods for erecting the monolithic reinforced framework and ceilings using heavy-weight concrete or other types of the framework) and wall filler structures with an application of light-weight concrete.

SCP panels can also be used during the restoration and repair of buildings including heat insulation, acoustic insulation of facades, walls and floors.

In panel and frame building construction SCP panels demonstrated itself perfectly as a filler structure in various climatic zones.

The economic effect during the construction with application of SCP panels

  • Rapid pace of construction (more than one and a half times as much comparing with traditional methods).

  • Wage fund saving (unskilled workers can be engaged).

  • Simple way of organizational management (all main works are transferred inside the building).

  • There is no need for heavy hoisting equipment (all construction materials are lifted using hoist and concrete pumps.

  • Reduced thickness of the wall filler structure (owing to the increase of wall thermal conductivity when using SCP panel and light-weight concrete with an density of 300-400 kg/m3). Respectively: a) Cost of 1 m2 of the wall filler structure is reducd down to 40%); Building rentable area is increased (by 10-15 %).

  • The total weight of the building is reduced and costs of the foundation and the bearing structure are reduced respectively (down to 50%).

  • It is convenient to install the wiring and other communication lines (either on the panel itself, as it is cut easily, or it is installed into cable channels before grouting the concrete core in the wall body).



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